8 Hours in Brooklyn w/ the Phantom Flex

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Producer James Douglas and MMA clothing company, Cagehero Collaborative, GrandArmy was shot on Boston Cameras Phantom Flex camera. Next day camera was available for a full day of shooting

Phantom Flex Cam is able to show live action in never-before-seen slow-motion detail.

The Flex provides exceptional image quality and offers production-friendly features like auxiliary power outputs and a full-featured on-camera control interface.

This blog posts described a full eight hour day of shooting on a Saturday with little pre-production to test on the Phantom Flex camera

The cinematography used the camera in Brooklyn for a full day of shooing with out any real planning

Rather than cliche video production ideas of face-slapping or slow-mo blow-ups or balloon pops the idea was to catch some real emotion and produce a few shots that showed what you can do with the Phantom Flex camera for documentary work.

The video shows the street culture you’d find in a span of 8 hour inpromtu without any planning.

Using a small film crew to prove the Phantom Flex can be used for documentary work

On big myth is that you need a big crew and lighting setup to use the camerca properly.

To pull this off you need to know how to use natural day light to your and pros like Dan Selby, Jesse Korman, Chris Dowsett is key to success.

Skateboard with the Flex was used to get the sunset shot of the skateboarder’s Cliche but was it worth it?

By the end of the day, I was very excited because we had just pulled off a few cool shots with a really small crew.

This proves that the Phantom Flex can be used for docu-style shooting. 

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Comments (57) Beautiful guys.

The skateboard shot was sick

Love the Phantom Flex on the fps.

Produces relly nice slo-mo…the music was just the icing on the cake. Rad on the grading.

The skateboard frame will be generating alot of buzz,

in addition to the other clips…that one just stood out.

The angle and lighting was on point.

Nicely execution! Who did the music for this video, it really added to the already awesome video?


Sony up their hardware/software game.

Can you license this video under Creative Commons?

Is the water shot done on a skateboard?

What’s the soundtrack on this?

Came here from reading about it on Gizmodo -nice video!

Love the music too..

I looked it up and it’s Where You Should Be by Skream The slip n slide shot was pure New York.

Beautifully captured.

Amazing work. Worth watching multipel times.

Nicely done, congrats

The music flawlessly and great video, excellent wesome music by Florin: The music:Skream

Thanks dude

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