Movies filmed in Montana

The fourth-largest state in the US at 147,000 square miles, Montana goes from the grassy, flatlands of the Great Plains all the way to the towering mountains of the Rockies. But its name is associated with the latter, as it is derived from the Spanish word for “mountainous.” But don’t be deceived by the 41st … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Mississippi

The Magnolia State is a lot more than just the Mississippi River. Although the river is the third longest on the continent at 2,340 miles. And the state’s name does stem from the Ojibwa word messipi, which translates to “big river.” But within its 48,430 square miles, there is a quite a bit more than … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Minnesota

When you think of Minnesota, you might immediately think of the Mall of America in Bloomington, the biggest mall in the United States at 9.5 million square feet. But that’s not the only exciting thing The North Star state has within its boundaries. It is also known for its water: There are 10,000 lakes within … Read more

Movies filmed in Maryland

Nicknamed “America in Miniature” or “Little America,” Maryland is home to over 10,000 miles of land and water. While it’s one of the smallest states in the United States, it is home to diverse topography, making it a popular film production location. The state is often used in film and TV production because of its … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Wisconsin

Wisconsin isn’t all just beer and cheese. Although, there are over 200 breweries in its over 65,000 square miles, many of them offering styles and brands that you can only get in the state. And, it is also known as “America’s Dairyland” and does produce the most cheese in the United States. The Badger state … Read more

Top Movies filmed in West Virginia

The 35th state to enter the union wasn’t always known as West Virginia. Before the Civil War, it was actually part of Virginia and only broke away in 1863. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own set of firsts. West Virginia was the first state to use a sales tax in 1921. … Read more

Movies filmed in Washington State (WA)

The Evergreen State is more than just trees. Although there are 21 million acres of forest throughout the 71,362 square feet of the state, there’s also the Pacific Ocean, which the state has 157 miles of shoreline along. There are also volcanoes, 10 to be exact, including Mount St. Helens. Oh and glaciers too, over … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Virginia

Considering that it is one of the original thirteen colonies (the 10th in 1788), it is not shocking that the Old Dominion State is steeped in so much history. Especially when you take into account that just about half of the Civil War took place on its soil. In fact, it is estimated that over … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Vermont

Part of the six-state New England region of the United States, Vermont has a lot going on. And we don’t just mean maple syrup production. (Although the state is its largest producer, averaging about 500,000 gallons per year.) Or ice cream. (Although Ben & Jerry’s did originate there) Or cheese. (Although Cabot cheese is made … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Tennessee

If when you think of Tennessee, you immediately associate music, you would definitely not be wrong. The capital city, Nashville, is known to be the center of country music, with not only the Grand Ole Opry (the longest-running radio show in America), but the Country Music Hall of Fame, and a generous amount of places … Read more