NLP shoots the worlds first footage with the Sony F3 S-Log

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Next Level Pictures shot the first ever camera test in the world using the Sony F3 with S-Log firmware.

This press release and Behind The Scenes gives a detailed explanation. After three days without sleeping here’s the 1st ever footage using the Sony F3 with S-Log:

We hope you all enjoyed it!

Please leave any questions or comments below

Abel Cine Tech.Sony PMWF3L Camera,

OConnor O-Box WM Mattebox,

OConnor O-Grips and Rod Bridge,

Arri FF-5 HD Studio Follow Focus, Element Technica –

Prototype top handle and base plate, Cinedeck Extreme Recorder,

Angenieux Optimo DP Rouge 16-42mm T2.8,

Angenieux Optimo DP Rouge 30-80mm T2.8, Angenieux –

Prototype Optimo 45-120mm T2.8, Cooke Panchro/i 18mm T2.8

Cooke Panchro/i 100mm T2.8, Arri/Zeiss 25mm T1.3 Master Prime

Arri/Zeiss 8Rmm Ultra Prime T2.8 ,

Miller Heavy Duty 2 stage 100mm carbon fiber tripod (925)

Miller Mini Tripod (455)

Miller Arrow 55 Fluid Head (1028), KesslerCrane 3ft CineSlider

Anton Bauer Dionic 90 Batteries, 2x Bi-Color Litepanels 1×1

Tyler Camera Systems MiniGyro,

Adobe Production Premium,


Below are a few shots of the gear in action:

Thank you to everyone involved in this project.

At Next Level Pictures believes in collaborative filmmaking process and this project proved to us how powerful collaboration is in order to push the film industry in a forward direction.

Again, a thank you to every single person involved. Now, lets see what happens! Please make sure to follow everyone below on twitter for further updates on the S-Log tests. 

Executive Producers:

Exec. Producer,

Aerial Cinematographer

Director, Producer,

Cinematographer –

Associate Producer

Steve Birne – Production Coordinator,

Locations Manager, Bird-Man –

DaVinci Colorist, Beastmode activator

Production Motivator,

– FreshDV BTS Camera Operator

FreshDV BTS Director –

NLP web master – @mbleser

– Discovering Audio Production Music

:Pretty Lights – “Gold Coast Hustle”

– Final Comparison Video

Nat Kendall Presents:

Songbird Sing – “On Again” –

BTS Video

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Reader Comments

Awesome work as always guys. love the street scene as the cars fly by.

Great job

Q what is the S-Log?

I don’t have such expensive lenses, means will the basic lens gives such a wonderful pic?

how much will the F3 cost in EU ?

What is the ORIGINAL XDCAM footages-format?

What 3G 444-10 bits display monitor was used in your NLE?

What software was used for the 3G 444-10 bits S LOG GRADING?

Lastly, Why is it difficult to photograph-

PEOPLE WITH COLOR-EX. your night model-dark skin?

What all the “hits” we see in the log test video

Killer stuff guys,

I’m totally enjoying following along with everything you guys are doing -watching this industry take-off!

We really appreciate the feedback.

I am going to have one of the cinematographers.

SLOG: is a method of capturing more image data, to a high quality video signal.

As far as tossing data, the grade exists to merely make the image look natural. raw slog, and curve corrected slog. I that will alleviate a lot of confusion.

Cosidering the time constraints this sort of test should be taken with a grain of salt, and understand that technical perfection cannot be achieved.

Great stuff guys!

Always seem to push the envelope!

Can’t wait for the next!

Well done and congratulations to the entire production and post production team!

SOC Steadicam OperatorLas Vegas,

Filmmaking is about being real and honest .

Next Level Pictures thank you again for shooting some gorgeous stuff

S-Log on the NAB show floor would have had the same effect.

SOC Steadicam Operator Las Vegas

& Los Angeles International

Cinematographers GuildSociety of Camera


Operators Association Steadicam Guild

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