Top Movies filmed in West Virginia

The 35th state to enter the union wasn’t always known as West Virginia. Before the Civil War, it was actually part of Virginia and only broke away in 1863. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own set of firsts. West Virginia was the first state to use a sales tax in 1921. … Read more

Movies filmed in Washington State (WA)

The Evergreen State is more than just trees. Although there are 21 million acres of forest throughout the 71,362 square feet of the state, there’s also the Pacific Ocean, which the state has 157 miles of shoreline along. There are also volcanoes, 10 to be exact, including Mount St. Helens. Oh and glaciers too, over … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Virginia

Considering that it is one of the original thirteen colonies (the 10th in 1788), it is not shocking that the Old Dominion State is steeped in so much history. Especially when you take into account that just about half of the Civil War took place on its soil. In fact, it is estimated that over … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Vermont

Part of the six-state New England region of the United States, Vermont has a lot going on. And we don’t just mean maple syrup production. (Although the state is its largest producer, averaging about 500,000 gallons per year.) Or ice cream. (Although Ben & Jerry’s did originate there) Or cheese. (Although Cabot cheese is made … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Tennessee

If when you think of Tennessee, you immediately associate music, you would definitely not be wrong. The capital city, Nashville, is known to be the center of country music, with not only the Grand Ole Opry (the longest-running radio show in America), but the Country Music Hall of Fame, and a generous amount of places … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Pennsylvania

The Keystone State sure has a lot of firsts to brag about: first baseball stadium (Pittsburgh 1909), first computer (Philadelphia 1946), first piano (Philadelphia 1775), first service station (Pittsburgh 1913), the first zoo (Philadelphia 1874) and of course, the signing of the Declaration of Independence (Philadelphia 1776). One of the original 13 colonies, Pennsylvania is … Read more

Top Movies Filmed in Nevada

While it is the largest city in the state, encompassing 135 square miles, Nevada isn’t just all Las Vegas. Aside from the history and many other areas to visit like Reno or Hoover Dam, the Silver State has quite a bit to explore amongst its 2000 miles of streams, over 40,000 reservoirs, and 23 wilderness … Read more

Movies filmed in Michigan

It should be no surprise to hear that Michigan (Detroit specifically) is the car capital of the world. It is, after all, where Henry Ford founded his motor company in 1903. But there are a few other things about the 26th state that might be more of a surprise to hear about. Out of the … Read more

Movies filmed in Maine

Maine is the only state in the union that has a single syllable but has a lot more to boast about than just lobster (although 90% of the US supply does come out of the state). There’s also the 65-square mile Acadia National Park, which is runs along the Atlantic Ocean. And the 5269-foot high … Read more

Top Films Shot in Lebanon

Despite being one of Asia’s smallest countries, Lebanon is known to have rich culture and history. Its capital city Beirut is often referred to as the “Paris of the Middle East,” and is home to historic sights and landmarks where different civilizations thrived for thousands of years. Below are some of the most popular films … Read more