Movies Filmed in Delaware

Delaware isn’t just attractive to out-of-state companies looking to benefit from their favorable incorporation laws. And it isn’t just enticing for shoppers, who, similar to only four other states, do not pay sales tax. And it’s not just because it is connected to New Jersey by the Delaware Memorial Bridge, the longest twin span suspension … Read more

15 Top Movies Filmed in Egypt

Egypt is a country teeming with ancient landmarks and cultural sites. From the sprawling capital of Cairo—one of the largest cities in the world—on the banks of the Nile to the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, it is no wonder that this place is a favorite among … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Wyoming

Although it was the 44th state to enter the Union, Wyoming is full of firsts: the first state to allow women to vote (hence its nickname, the Equality State); home of the first National Park in 1872 (Yellowstone) and the first national forest in 1891 (Shoshone); and Devils Tower was the nation’s first national monument … Read more

16 Top Movies filmed in Utah

The Beehive State, while known for being a mecca for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or more simply, Mormons (about 60 percent of the state follows this religion), is unique and special for lots of other reasons besides that. The name itself links back to the Ute Native American tribe and translates … Read more

28 Movies Filmed in Colorado

CO state

Movies Filmed in the State of Colorado City Slickers (1991) (Rent – Buy – Stream) City Slickers, directed by Ron Underwood and stars Billy Crystal and Jack Palance, is a Western comedy film about three friends who go on a cattle drive from New Mexico to Colorado. The shooting locations in Colorado include Durango, a … Read more

Movies filmed in New York State

NY state

Although New York City is the Empire State’s largest city, there’s a lot more to it than just tall buildings and Broadway. In fact, the fourth most populated state has a whole other 54,000 square miles of “Upstate” to explore. The 315-mile long Hudson River offers recreation and views throughout, such as those found on … Read more

15 Movies Filmed in Connecticut

You might not associate sports with the state of Connecticut, but ESPN was actually originally started in the state and currently, Stamford is home to the headquarters of the WWE. It’s possible that you might associate the third smallest state in the US with education, as New Haven is home to Yale University, one of … Read more

Movies Filmed in Arizona

It’s no wonder that Arizona has been the location for so many films over the last century. They’ve got three national parks: Grand Canyon National Park, Saguaro National Park, and Petrified Forest National Park. And twenty-one national monuments, memorials, and historic sites, including Canyon de Chelly Monument in Chinle, which was settled by the Navajo … Read more

17 Top Movies Filmed in Georgia

You may associate peaches with Georgia, and of course, you wouldn’t be wrong, being as though it’s the Peach State, but you might be surprised to learn that peanuts, pecans, and even Vidalia onions are also produced there. The state’s capital and most populated city, Atlanta, is known as the origin of the Civil Rights … Read more

15+ Movies Filmed in Queens

There is a lot to see in a visit to the largest borough. From the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows Park to the Panorama model of NYC at the Queens Museum to the Arthur Ashe Stadium (home of the US Open). Just don’t get lost while traveling around; Queens uses hyphenated addresses that are extremely helpful, … Read more