17 Movies Filmed In Indiana

map pinpointing indiana

While the 17th most populous state may not scream “Hollywood alternate” to you, there are plenty of reasons why Indiana is sometimes chosen as the perfect location for filming entire movies or scenes. From its connection to sports to its being the “Crossroads of America”, there’s a lot that the 38th state offers production companies. … Read more

17 Movies Filmed in Illinois

Contrary to how it may seem, the state of Illinois isn’t all just the Windy City of Chicago and its deep-dish pizza, Chicago Red Hots (hot dog on a poppy seed bun with all the fixings), tall buildings, and exclusive shopping. In fact, it’s actually farmland that makes up almost 80% percent of the state. … Read more

17 Movies Filmed in Hawaii

The Aloha (meaning both hello and goodbye) State is unique from the rest of the United States in a lot of ways, such as not observing daylight savings time and they even have two official languages: English and Hawaiian. And its 137 islands (only seven inhabited) represent the largest chain in the world. But it’s … Read more

18 Movies Filmed in Idaho

You might not know it, but the 43rd state has a bit it can brag about. From the longest gondola ride in North America at Silver Mountain Resort to the highest navigable river in the world at St. Joe. From the first ski resort in the United States at Sun Valley to the longest boardwalk … Read more

17 Movies Filmed in California

Eureka! Due to the existence of Hollywood and its many film studios, it might not be surprising that so many movies have been made in California. However, once you factor that area out…you still have a lot of films that give thanks to the state that gave us the deliciousness of places like In N … Read more