Fashion industry concept banner header.

10 Must-See Movies About the Fashion Industry

For historical fashion researchers like Eric Wilson, the fashion industry is more than runway models and high-profile designers. It also includes “designers, stores, factory workers, seamstresses, tailors, embroiderers, the press, … Read more

Journalism and press issues

10 Great Movies about Journalism

What Do Journalists Do? Today’s “J-school” graduate must know more than how to follow leads, interview people, compose articles, edit ruthlessly, adhere to word counts and satisfy editors. They must … Read more

Archeological pre-historic human clift paint

10 Must-Watch Movies for Anthropology Students

What do anthropologists do? Once upon a time, legendary anthropologists like Margaret Mead, Ruth Benedict, and Bronislaw Malinowski undertook field work within exotic cultures, primarily reporting on mating, coming-of-age, marriage, … Read more