17 Best Movies filmed in Texas

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that everything about Texas is big. From its 268,596 square miles to its almost 30 million residents, its takes second in both size and population. It’s even home to three of the most populous cities in the US (Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio). If you’re still not convinced of … Read more

17 Movies filmed in Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Although the smallest of all the states, at only 1,214 square miles, Rhode Island actually has quite a bit. Since it’s bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and has three rivers, water is abundant, and there are 8 beaches and ample opportunities for sailing. There are also 22 state parks within the 393,000 acres of forest … Read more

Top Movies filmed in North Carolina

Although there are two of them, it’s North Carolina that gets the “Carolina” nickname, perhaps due to its size and population, which ranks at 28 and 9, respectively. There are approximately 10.5 million people living amongst its 53, 819 square miles. And among that number are over 100,000 Native Americans within eight recognized tribes. Not … Read more

Top Movies filmed in North Dakota

What North Dakota lacks in population (it is the third least populous), it makes up for in size. At 70,704 square miles, it is the 19th largest state. The 39th state to enter the union, both North and South Dakota were admitted the same day, but because N comes before S, North Dakota is listed … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Ohio

Although Ohio is only the 34th-largest state in the US, with a population of almost 12 million, it ranks number seven in population and number 10 in most densely populated. The 17th state to enter the Union, among its almost eight million acres of forest, it also has 74 state parks, including the 33,000-acre Cuyahoga … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Oklahoma

The 46th state to enter the Union, Oklahoma is a lot more than just the name of a 1943 musical. Just some of the state’s accolades include the invention of the shopping cart in 1936, the use of the first parking meter in 1935, and the first sale of a Girl Scout cookie in 1917. … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Oregon

While it might not be your first guess if asked where the beer capital of the US is, with over 70 breweries, Portland ranks pretty high. And the state isn’t too shabby when it comes to grapes either; there are more than 900 wineries. It also has more strips clubs and ghost towns than any … Read more

Top Movies filmed in South Dakota

South Dakota is named after Native American tribes – Lakota and Dakota Sioux. These were the tribes that used to dominate the territory. More so, South Dakota is the 17th largest state, yet the 5th least populous. It is surrounded by North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana. Because of its geographical location, it … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Missouri

Missouri has a tendency to stay somewhere in the middle. It’s the 19th most populous state at over six million people, the 21st most extensive state at 69,704 square miles, and even the 24th state to enter the union. But the Show-Me State also has some top things as well. There‚Äôs St. Louis’s Gateway Arch, … Read more

Top Movies filmed in Nebraska

While many automatic reactions to what Nebraska is about tend to be those delicious Omaha steaks, it is also responsible for quite a few other things. Kool-Aid was invented in Hastings in 1921. The first Arbor Day was also there in 1872. And if you have ever had to use 911, thank Lincoln, where the … Read more